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    ESD, Cleanroom Protection

ESD and Cleanroom Protection

ESD and cleanroom protection products are considered to be the most essential in the industrial sector. ESD denotes electrostatic discharge which can arise in environments under certain conditions and demand precautions be taken to protect both staff and valuable devices. Cleanroom protection is essential to protect products and processes from human contamination and to also protect personnel from hazardous liquids, chemicals and biological agents in pharmaceutical, medical and microbiological conditions.

At Production Equipment we have a range of ESD, anti-static and conductive products from quality wrist bands, grounding accessories and heel straps to storage boxes, signs, labels, cleaning solutions and PCB racks. There is also our footwear selection which gives you complete protection from the risks of ESD damage through failure or degradation of your product in the field of use.

If you are in need of garments for your ESD area, we stock an array of coats, jackets, shirts and polo shirts for you to choose from. If you also need ESD packaging, again, Production Equipment offer various bags, foam, bubble wrap, tapes and vacuum sealers for these tasks. Last, but not least, we provide commodities for ESD testing and monitoring such as refuse bins and bags along with stationery for ESD and cleanrooms, ionisation safety products, cleanroom dispensers and cleanroom tacky mats, all of which are available online.

Cleanroom disposables like head covers, shoe covers, coveralls, face masks, and sleeve protectors are also available in abundance from

In addition to these products, we also offer ESD benches and floors to fully equip your workplace as a cleanroom or ESD protected area. We will install and fit our equipment for you or upgrade your existing flooring and test and evaluate the area before certifying it is safe to use.

Thanks to our superior service, punctual delivery and competitive prices our products are used in workplaces all over the world. As we are a single source supplier for top brands such as 3M, Wez, PELstat, Qtek, Superior, Lymtech, Simco, Staticide, Abeba, Dupont Desco, Charleswater, Vermason, Ionsystems, ACL, Contec, Texwipe, PPL, Ultratape, QRP, Botron, Protektive Pak, ION, Worklon, Techwear, Trustat, Statitech, Static Solutions, Prostat and PIP we can provide you with the very best choice and solution for your work environment.

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