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    Aerosols, Precision Cleaning

Aerosols and Precision Cleaning.

You will find a full range of aerosols and precision cleaning products at Production Equipment Ltd that are essential for maintaining high standards of hygiene in industries and working areas. Most corporate houses prefer to store these products in large quantities so that the cleaning standard is never compromised and due to this we offer bulk buying facilities.

At Production Equipment Ltd. we offer a range of wipes that can be used in every area of the workplace. We sell various types of wipes such as dry wipes, pre-saturated wipes, swabs and roll wipes. We also stock screen cleaning rolls which have revolutionised the cleaning of windows and doors. You only need to roll them along the glass panels to attain a spotlessly clean surface.

Our store provides numerous aerosols for cleaning such as an air duster, degreaser, freezer, lubricant, flux, label remover, glass and mirror polish, adhesive, lacquer, foam and contact cleaner. All the aerosols provided by Production Equipment are free of any harmful effects on human lungs, ensuring safety at all times.

Thanks to our superior service, punctual delivery and competitive prices our products are utilised in workplaces all over the world. As we are a single source supplier for top brands such as Qtek, Servisol, Staticide, C, Purswab, Plusgas, Ebor and Q Tips we can provide you with the very best choice and solution for your workplace.

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