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    Hand Tools

Hand Tools

Production Equipment Ltd are the leading Hand tools supplier for customers because we of its affordable price and supreme quality. Besides hand tools, we are famed for providing the best of other industrial products as well. 

The hand tools provided by Production Equipment Ltd not only assure you excellence and resilience, but also tailored service according to you necessities in workplace. We offer an array of insulated tools like tool kits, pliers, screwdrivers and nutdrivers, mirrors, rescue device, spanners, knives and wire strippers, tweezers, sockets and accessories, gloves, cutters and saws. These hand tools are inevitable in almost all the factories and industries all around the world. 

Production Equipment Ltd is a unique store that offers a comprehensive collection of tweezers and seizers. You can gain them for general purposes, or for specific jobs like precision, wafer handling, gripping, insulated, delrin plastic, anti wicking, seizers, brass, and SMD. The cutters and snips rack also has a thorough assortment, including hand tools for cable cutters and snips, precison, plastic sprue, tin snips and shears, pipe, side cutters, and tube bolt cutters and SMD. Amongst the pliers, Production Equipment Ltd offers those for combination and long nose, component handling, bushing pliers and kits, precision, locking pliers and tools, water pump and slip joint, round and flat nose, connector pliers, wire twisting, circlip pliers and kits and leather punch.

Production Equipment Ltd has also catered to the collection of wire strips and crimp as well. This category has hand tools for crimp connectors, wire stripping, coaxial stripping, thermal stripping, fibre optic stripping and cable stripping. Knives and Scissors make one of the integral groups in hand tools. Other than the above said products, Production Equipment Ltd also offers you precision knives and scalpels, safety knives; snap off, blades, army and rescue tools, and various kinds of Scissors, carton and also film cutters.

The category of hand tools also includes wrenches and sockets, have products like open end spanners, vise grips, stillson and pipe wrenches, strap and chain wrenches, sockets and accessories, socket sets and kits. You can also select a number of screw and hex drivers that are available with Production Equipment Ltd. The are the screwdrivers, phase testers, nut drivers, jewellers and precision, torx drivers, hex keys and allen drivers. Production Equipment Ltd has many more categories like torque tools and wrenches, hammers and mallets, vises and clamps, different kinds of chisels, saws and blades, planers and spokeshaves, punches and marking, drilling and threading, tradesmans tools, tape measures and levels.

Production Equipment Ltd’s engineers tools features a collection of files, magnets, tool makers clamps, pin vise and pin chucks. Amongst the construction tools, you can get shovels, crow bars, pick axe and sledges. Production Equipment Ltd has prepared the entire range of such products with extra care and concentration. Production Equipment Ltd is a well-known name in the domain of hand tools and machines products. The most popular brands available at Production Equipment Ltd in this sphere of hand tools are Xcelite, Stanley, Bahco, Record, Thor, Erem, Ruko, Clauss, Eclipse, Presto, Sandvik, CK and Peltool.

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