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ISO 9001

Agrochemical and Pesticide Cabinets

      PELstor’s Agrochemical and Pesticide Cabinets have been designed for the safe storage and segregation of agrochemicals and pesticides. Featuring rebated reinforced doors that have been mounted on semi-concealed hinges, the PELstor Agrochemical and Pesticide Cabinets provide security in the workplace with a 3-way locking chrome level handle for additional safety

    • Welded construction from 0.9mm zintec steel
    • Reinforced rebated ventilated doors
    • 3-way chrome lever locking handles
    • Fitted with adjustable welded tray(s) and removable sump
    • Powder coated green
    • Supplied with warning labels
    • Extra shelves and mounting stands can be ordered separately
    • Compliant with HSE Guidance AIS 16, Control of Pesticide Regulations 1986, COSHH 1994

    • Extra Shelves are suitable for the following cabinets:
      - Shelf 1: BF88P733
      - Shelf 2: BF88P644, BF88P944
      - Shelf 3: BF88P663
      - Shelf 4: BF88P794

      Mounting Stands are suitable for the following cabinets:
      - Mounting Stand 1: BF88P733
      - Mounting Stand 2: BF88P644, BF88P944
      - Mounting Stand 3: BF88P794
BF88P733Agrochemical and Pesticide Cabinet712 x 355 x 30511€296.50
BF88P644Agrochemical and Pesticide Cabinet610 x 459 x 45911€345.05
BF88P944Agrochemical and Pesticide Cabinet915 x 459 x 45911€377.15
BF88P663Agrochemical and Pesticide Cabinet610 x 610 x 30512€335.75
BF88P794Agrochemical and Pesticide Cabinet712 x 915 x 45912€537.80
BF88PS33Extra Shelf 188 x 355 x 305N/AN/A€37.05
BF88PS44Extra Shelf 288 x 459 x 459N/AN/A€39.25
BF88PS63Extra Shelf 388 x 610 x 305N/AN/A€38.15
BF88PS94Extra Shelf 488 x 915 x 459N/AN/A€46.60
BF88FF133PMounting Stand 1100 x 305 x 355N/AN/A€103.55
BF88PFS2Mounting Stand 2450 x 459 x 459N/AN/A€154.00
BF88PFS3Mounting Stand 3450 x 915 x 459N/AN/A€177.80

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