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ISO 9001

Flammable Storage Cabinets

      The PELstor Flammable Storage Cabinets are designed with a high quality welded construction and have a 30 minute fire integrity rating. The Flammable Storage Cabinets feature reinforced hinged doors and three-way chrome lever locking handles for added security. Extra shelves and mounting stands are available to allow the PELstor Flammable Storage Cabinets to be customised to suit any area

    • 0.9mm thick mild steel sheet
    • Adjustable leak-proof spillage trays
    • Removable liquid-tight sump/base tray
    • Hi-Vis yellow powder coated finish
    • Supplied with appropriate warning labels
    • Fixed and mobile cabinets available
    • 2 x fixed and 2 x swivel braked rubber tyre castors on mobile units
    • Compliant with: DSEAR 2002, HS(G)51 1990
    • Factory Inspectorate Certificate of Approval No 1: Parts 3 &4, COSHH

    • Extra Shelves are suitable for the following cabinets:
      - Shelf 1: BF88F733
      - Shelf 2: BF88F644, BF88F944
      - Shelf 3: BF88F663
      - Shelf 4: BF88F994, BF88F894

      Mounting Stands are suitable for the following cabinets:
      - Mounting Stand 1: BF88F733
      - Mounting Stand 2: BF88F944
      - Mounting Stand 3: BF88F994
BF88F733Flammable Storage Cabinet712 x 355 x 30511€292.25
BF88F644Flammable Storage Cabinet610 x 459 x 45911€340.15
BF88F944Flammable Storage Cabinet915 x 459 x 45911€370.85
BF88F663Flammable Storage Cabinet610 x 610 x 30521€330.45
BF88F994Flammable Storage Cabinet915 x 915 x 45921€558.05
BF88F894Flammable Storage Cabinet1830 x 915 x 45923€737.95
BF81F296Mobile Flammable Storage Cabinet1220 x 915 x 60022€1039.75
BF88FS33Extra Shelf 188 x 355 x 305N/AN/A€36.70
BF88FS44Extra Shelf 288 x 459 x 459N/AN/A€38.75
BF88FS63Extra Shelf 388 x 610 x 305N/AN/A€37.75
BF88FS94Extra Shelf 488 x 915 x 459N/AN/A€45.75
BF88FF133FMounting Stand 1100 x 305 x 355N/AN/A€94.45
BF88FFS2Mounting Stand 2450 x 459 x 459N/AN/A€155.00
BF88FFS3Mounting Stand 3450 x 915 x 459N/AN/A€179.00

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