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The main requirement of a glove is to lightly protect the hand but often times we need gloves to do more than that. Examples of this would be when working under extreme conditions, working with mechanical hazards and contamination. Gloves have an important role when your hands need to be protected, whereby we have something to suit all needs.

Our gloves will protect you from the cold and heat, prevent external injuries, minimise surface friction with rough or unhygienic objects, provide sterility for surgical procedures and provide a better grip. We also have some gloves for personal wear, whether for leisure, cleaning or gardening.

We stock a large range of disposable and medical gloves used in hospitals and clinics including latex, vinyl or nitrile gloves, all of a supreme quality for absolute dexterity and sterility. For more labour intensive work we stock welding gloves, rigger gloves, cut resistant gloves, chemical resistant gloves, sandblasting gloves, anti-impact and vibration gloves and flame retardant gloves.

Thanks to our superior service, punctual delivery and competitive prices our products are used in workplaces all over the world. As we are a single source supplier for top brands such as Dependable, CLC, Pal, Best, North, Ansell, Impacto, Superior, QRP, KCL, BM Polyco, Comasec, Manulatex, Marigold, Showa, Towa, Skytec, UVEX, HexArmor, Piercan, PIP, Kimberly-Clark, Desco and Techniglove we can provide you with the very best choice and solution for your work environment.

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