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    Corporate, Service Wear

Corporate & Service Wear

In modern businesses, corporate and service wear is a paramount objective that management focus on when creating a professional look and identity. We have blended style and comfort, while keeping up with the trends of contemporary fashion and adhering to all of the comfort requirements you would expect.

With Production Equipment Ltd, you can choose from a broad range of long and short sleeve shirts, bar shirts, blouses, t-shirts, polo shirts, trousers, skirts, jackets and blazers for both men and women. To complete your look, we also offer a selection of ties and belts. If your workplace is in the food industry, we offer chef’s jackets and trousers, cuisine jackets, waistcoats, waist aprons, bistro aprons and butcher’s aprons. We also stock French chef’s hats, forage caps and hats, bistro caps and bandanas.

Production Equipment also provide security clothing, gloves and ties; sportswear including team jackets, bags and holdalls, polo shirts, training tops, sweatshirts and training bibs. Additionally we also supply body warmers, fleeces, lightweight and waterproof jackets for adults and children, scarves and gloves.

Production Equipment also has an in-house embroidery facility that enables you to customise items for your business and employees or why not create a set of fleeces and jackets for your family!

Thanks to our superior service, punctual delivery and competitive prices our products have earned pride of place in workplaces all over the world. As we are a single source supplier for top brands such as Kartel, Dickies, Regatta, Balmoral, Fruit of the Loom, Kustom Kit, Gamegear, Jerzees, Berghaus, Sioen, Mascot, Timberland Pro, Helly Hansen, Gore-Tex, Windstoppers and Flexothane we can provide you with the very best choice and solution for your business.

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