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    Adhesives and Sealants

Adhesives and Sealants

There is a high demand for adhesives and sealants in modern industry as these products are required in working zones where blending and distributing supplies, chemicals and polymers, equipment, environmental, water and maintenance is undertaken. They are also used for instrumentation and control products. Production Equipment Ltd has a range of products in this category which will meet your every requirement.

Adhesives come in many forms, each one formulated to solve different problems with different properties. The adhesives we supply include:

• Epoxy Adhesives: The most widely used structural adhesive due to their excellent adhesion to most substrates. They are high strength and light weight. These adhesives are formulated to perform in the most demanding environments and can handle temperatures ranging from -67°F to 350°F as well as resist solvents, water and strong chemicals.

• Urethane Adhesives: Environmentally tough and flexible without sacrificing strength or hold, especially in two-component varieties. Useful for bonds that require flexibility for expansion, contraction or other movements. They are also weather and chemical resistant.

• Methacrylate Adhesives: Toughened structural adhesives designed for bonding plastics, metals, composites and dissimilar substrates.

• Instant Adhesives: Also known as cyanoacrylates, they are incredibly strong and quick-setting (between 5 and 60 seconds). They are perfect for spot bonding non-porous surfaces metals, plastics and rubbers.

• Contact Adhesives: These are fast-acting and ideal for attaching large surfaces together with the ability to provide water and heat resistant bonds.

• Wood, Paper & Fibre Adhesives: High concentration Polyvinyl Acetate (PVA) based adhesives formulated for versatility in labelling, packaging, insulating and woodworking.

• PermaTack Adhesives: Provide the critical qualities of pressure sensitive adhesives (PSAs): permanent tackiness, instant holding power, and the option of permanent or removable application.

• Thread lockers: Also called anaerobic adhesives, they seal the threads of screws into metal objects, especially securing nuts to bolts.

These are all products you can depend upon at any moment in the workplace. Be it a minor fix or a major setting up, you can count on these adhesives to provide the finest results every time. As well as that we also supply spray adhesives, thread lock and retaining, expanding filler and guns, pipe jointing and insulating varnish.

Thanks to our superior service, punctual delivery and competitive prices our products are supplied to industry all over the world. As we are a single source supplier for top brands such as GE, Araldite, Steinel, Bostik, 3M, Evostik, GC Electronics, Boss, Loctite, Grace, Emerson & Cuming, HB Fuller, Dow Corning, Devcon, Dymax, Hysol, Henkel, Lord, HumiSeal, Permabond, Techon and Sika we can provide you with the very best choice and solution for your workplace.

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