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The Early Years..
Production Equipment Europe was established in 1983 to supply Tools, Equipment, Safety and Consumable products of the highest standard to the electronics and industrial, manufacturing and services sector. Since then we have gone from strength to strength in building a first class reputation for sales and service support throughout the industry. 

Decades of Dedication to Service
Founding directors John Doyle and Tom Keady have managed the progression of Production Equipment Europe to the point where it now employs over one hundred staff throughout Ireland and Europe. Many of these have been with the company from an early stage, including Financial Controller John Mitchell, Purchasing Manager Pat Morris and Operations Manager Alan Fair. This core group of management alone have in excess of 100 years of combined experience serving the industrial market to establish for Production Equipment Europe an unmatched reputation for consistent, quality service.

Customer Focused Team
Central to the success of Production Equipment Europe is the company's highly qualified and customer orientated team of sales and service representatives. Whether based at one of our company offices or an external sales or service engineer, our team can guarantee rapid response to customer requests anywhere in Ireland or European markets.

In entering the e-commerce age, we are delighted to offer you, our valued customer, a greater selection of products than ever before and the ability to order on-line with the setting up of our new on-line store with over 35,000 products

One Stop Shop Facility
With the ever increasing range of products and services required in a modern production environment, the need for a single source supplier is paramount. By making available hundreds of different categories of tools, equipment and consumables from a single point of contact, Production Equipment Europe can dramatically reduce the amount of paperwork, goods receiving activity and validation that plague large manufacturing sites.

By choosing from the vast range of products available on-line or in our new catalogue, customers can be assured of rapid delivery of high quality products with a single consolidated invoice. This frees up valuable time and resources to concentrate on the core production functions of the company. It also allows Production Equipment Europe to focus on their core activity: providing a Superior Service from a Single Source.

Stock Management Programmes
Production Equipment Europe are the premier provider/operator of stock management programmes to industry. Much more than a reactive product supplier, we actively work with customers to ensure they optimise their inventory levels. By constantly reviewing and supervising the amount of stock in use on site, we can organise a re-stocking schedule that ideally suits the needs of each individual customer. 

Many stock management programmes are already up and running successfully with a variety of multi-national manufacturing customers from across all industrial sectors. Ranging from high-end volume producers where the emphasis is on managing "line-stoppers", to entry level companies where stock levels must be closely controlled from a financial perspective, Production Equipment Europe have proven time and again that they can design a stock management programme that is suited perfectly to each specific customer.